Nike EYBL is back on the court for the 2021 season! After an unpredictable year during the pandemic, the whole basketball community is taking a moment to celebrate the return of regular play – and we’re 100% here for it.

The ProSkills family kept busy this past year, even with the pandemic underway. Our athletes continued training to keep their skills sharp. We rallied together for food drives to help the community around us, a bowling event to keep us all connected, and countless small moments of support for each other. And with the help of a generous angel donor, we were able to provide 20+ scholarships to student athletes. 

The broader EYBL community worked hard to get everyone back on the court this season, navigating the ever-changing health guidance to find the best moment to give these players a chance to show their skills and gain visibility for their future college careers. While many senior players missed the chance to compete in 2020, this year teams will be playing in part to show their support for their teammates you didn’t get to last season.

ProSkills has a promising lineup of talent this season, including nationally-ranked Cason Wallace on the boys side and Amina Muhammud out of DeSoto leading the girls team. Be sure to keep up with the latest news and cheer on the ProSkills family all season long!