ProSkills Gives To Meals On Wheels | In The Community!

This past weekend, ProSkills teamed up with Meals On Wheels to give back to our community. Our players, coaches, and ProSkills family stepped up to the challenge and we had an amazing turnout! OVER 70 OF GOODS AND MEALS WERE DONATED TO MEALS ON WHEELS! See the pics from the amazing day below…

Learn more about our community initiative From GM Earl Rooks…

We all know the ride that 2020 has been, so that needs not to be explained. But what we may not know is exactly how this year has impacted specific businesses, communities, and services that we have grown accustomed to operating business as usual year after year.
It was recently brought to our attention that our local Meals on Wheels program whose mission is dedicated to addressing senior citizen isolation and hunger is in dire need of help. Here are a few quick details to paint the picture:
  • Shelter in place designed to keep the most high-risk individuals safe (elders) has in turn rapidly increased the number of seniors who rely on home-delivered meals as their primary food source
  • Nationally 90% of Meals on Wheels programs have experienced an increase in requests; 80% of which requests have doubled
  • Various COVID protocols and precautions have significantly decreased Meals on Wheels donations and support.
  • Long story short — as Meals on Wheels demand has increased in a major way, their level of support has declined significantly creating a real risk to their ability to adequately meet the needs of vulnerable senior citizens.