Wright, A McDonald’s AA Nominee

2019 Jordan Wright of The Dunham School (LA) was a big piece of our programs success this summer. The versatile guard received a big honor this week, as he was nominated for the McDonald’s All-American game. He was 1 of 3 players in the state of Louisiana nominated! We caught up with Jordan to get his thoughts on the honor!

STAFF“Talk about how honored your were to be nominated.”

JORDAN“I was definitely honored to be nominated for the McDonald’s game. I’ve watched it every year for as long I can be remember. Having the opportunity to be (discussed) and a part of such a prestigious event is surreal to me. 

STAFF“Who do you give credit to in helping you achieve a point like this in your career?”

JORDAN“I give credit to my family, Dunham community, and the ProSkills organization for allowing me to play in the EYBL platform.”

STAFF“How does this achievement impact your work ethic and future going forward?”

JORDAN“This honor only makes me more determined to continue to work on my craft and perform at the highest level I can. Moving forward, my work ethic will only grow because the work I have to do is far from over.”